Ward 19 – Beaches-East York

Top Priority Toronto City Councillor

Top Priority Toronto City Councillor
If elected,what would be your top priority 

If elected as City Councillor, I would make the political process to be accountable for the people who live in the area. Currently, we have a system that allows donations to finance political campaigns for political favors. A perfect example would be when a NDP finances a local political city councillor in exchange for votes on the city council to favour uniun business. The people who pay the money get the politicians to prioritize their issues over the local peoples concerns. Similarly if a local land developer gives money to a counselor he wants to have permits approved. Neither one of these are good for the political process for people who live in the area as both of these donations are from outside the area. That is to say, a unionized homeless shelter can be built in your neighborhood as a benefit to the unionized workers, but not to local residence. In a perfect political world you would want to have the people who live in the neighborhood to have proper representation. I would like to end this problem for the locals.

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Paul Murton Toronto for Councillor- Ward 19